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Dive Sites

There are 2 dive sites in Ticao Island with different dive points to enjoy..

Manta bowl
Manta bowl is home to a large convergence of Manta rays located in Ticao pass. About1 hour and 45 minutes boat ride from Donsol. The peak season is from March to June its year where every diver has a chance to see the oceanic manta rays that measure about 6 meters. During this time the current is at strongest pushing large volume of planktons and other organism to gather in the area making the place an ideal cleaning & feeding for the Manta rays. The tour brings you to a maximum deep of 20 meters, which we call the “big-boys alley” that attracts and causes the concentration of Manta rays, Whale sharks, Thresher sharks, Hammer heads and other pelagic.


San Miguel Island
San Miguel island an hour boat ride from Donsol and 45 minutes onward to Manta bowl shoal. The Island is a spectacular sight with beautiful dive sites. Home to variety of sea life, the island is famous for its untouched corals varied and rich macro life.

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